31 Weeks + Bunch of Asparagus

We're gettin' there, ladies and gentlemen.

HOW FAR ALONG?: 31 Weeks. Baby girl is still measuring 1 week early. So here's hoping for lesssssssss than 9 weeks. :) Woah, just realized. Single digits now (re: weeks to go). 

SLEEP?: I don't even know what this is anymore. I suppose it'll get worse before it gets better. 

BEST MOMENT THIS/LAST WEEK?: We had a nice week. I can't remember too much tbh, other than a few visits with the in-laws, Cooper's golf lesson, lots o' work and a doctor's appointment (I didn't learn much other than we talked about my heart, she wants me to try a few things, and wants me to de-stress and rest more, etc...).

We had a lovely, errand-filled weekend.
Saturday was a day of errands (we finally bought a couch for the playroom and Eric got his new yard stuff - lawnmower and other manly stuff, lol), chatted with our new, sweet neighbors, and enjoyed a BBQ with my in-laws. Coop slept over with them in their Airstream so Eric and I could relax... and relax we did (even though I barely slept).
Sunday morning began with baths and getting ready for church, church, then lunch and walking around Opry Mills. My feet were tired, and my pelvis was like... okay, you're done now.
Today (Memorial Day) we just ran (fun) errands all day, saw the house and Coop and Eric did a bit of golf + t-ball. I worked a bunch... but it was still lovely weekend. Cannot complain, really.

Banjo and the belly.

At the new house, in Cooper's room.

After this, he hit a shot that went across and down the street.

Dadoo is a great coach. 

WORST MOMENT?: General stress. I am choosing not to go into much detail at this time. I'm sure the time will come when I can talk about this. 

Also, I'm not too serious about this, ha... but, I have reached the point in pregnancy where people feel it's not only appropriate, but necessary to comment about and touch my belly. 

Helpful note to these people...

  1. Don't touch. Don't poke. Don't. If I don't know you, it isn't okay. If I do know you... it's okay. And kind of fun. I got poked and rubbed this weekend by people I don't know. It was weird. 
  2. Don't say, "Woah, you look like you're going to pop." Or any version of this, like "you're huge" or "are you sure there's only one in there?" 
  3. Don't say, "How much longer?" FOLLOWED BY "Oh wow, you look like you could go ANY day now...." because I said I still have 2 months. 
  4. Don't stare. I am not an animal at the zoo.
  5. Don't say, "You poor thing. You look miserable." Because, while I might be... I don't want to hear it. 
  6. Don't offer unsolicited advice. I'm good. 
I could go on... but... I won't. :) 

  1. "Congratulations!"
  2. "Boy or girl?"
  3. "When are you due?" followed quickly by, "You look great." (Even if you're lying... which we both know you will be. But it's still nice.)
  4. Other kind things... Ha. 
MOVEMENT?: She is very active. Unless I ask Eric to watch or feel. Then she's still. Stinker. 

MISS ANYTHING?: Mostly wine + the feeling of being NOT so pregnant. Holy wow. I feel 40 weeks. 

FOOD CRAVINGS?: Give me all the sweets. :/ And soda. I am working on drinking more coffee. OOOOOOPS I TOTALLY JUST RE-READ THIS AND MEANT WATER.

ANYTHING MAKING ME QUEASY / SICK?: Eating too much or too little. 

SYMPTOMS / MOODS?: Tight tummy, pain in pelvis, waddling, no sleep, right hip pops out of place every time I lay down so I have to pop it back in when I stand up before I can walk... super fun. And more. ;) Isn't pregnancy glamorous? Ha. 

LABOR SIGNS?: Just Braxton Hicks.

BELLY BUTTON IN or OUT?: Pretty much flat. 

WEDDING RINGS OFF or ON?: On - which I am shocked about, frankly. But it won't last. 

HAPPY or MOODY MOST OF THE TIME?: Happy, just tired. And anxious. 

LOOKING FORWARD TO...?: Lots of goodness coming up. 
  • Inspection + Orientation at the new house
  • Closing and MOVING IN
  • My parents arrival ... in both June and in July (lucky me) 
  • Housewarming + Baby Sprinkle 
  • Getting settled 
  • Arrival of baby Lyla
  • Life as a family of 4
  • and so much more!


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