Wednesday, February 22, 2017

17 Weeks with Lyla the Pomegranate

She's growing, and weighs about 5 ounces now.
HOW FAR ALONG?: 17 weeks and 2 days. 

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I sleep in Eric's shirts and PINK boyfriend pants, but wear maternity clothes when I go out. 

STRETCH MARKS?: Not yet. They're a comin'. 

SLEEP?: Same. I fall asleep quite easily, but staying asleep past 2-3 AM is tough.

BEST MOMENT THIS/LAST WEEK?: We shopped for Lyla on Saturday after Eric golfed. 

Coop wanted to show off Lyla's "go home outfit." 
Sunday was a packed day... Church, then we had a fun playdate on Sunday with Cooper's first girlfriend and her parents. Lol. It was fun, and such a gorgeous day.

Buddies and crushin' on each other since 2014. 
Then Kaeli and Ryan (our BFFs) watched Coop while Eric and I went to dinner for our friend, Christina's birthday dinner. The weekend was over far too quickly.  

WORST MOMENT?: 1. Ukulele has been having these "episodes" where she scratches uncontrollably, she scream cries, and will lose her bowels. Poor girl. I didn't know whether it was allergies, bad knees, a combo, something else...? So I finally took her to see a vet and turns out, she's having seizures. She had blood work done, and now she's on Alprazolam (Xanax) and Phenobarbital.

Snuggle-pugs. Lele is drugged, Banjo is just sleepy. 
2. The house still hasn't been framed yet. Hoping we'll still get to move in in the month of June. 

MOVEMENT?: Not that's noticeable, if at all. I'm still waiting for something that's unmistakable.

MISS ANYTHING?: Date nights on the patio with wine, or visits to wine country in California. Also family sushi dates in Dana Point. My family in California. I might be missing California a bit this week. Still though, happy to be here, too. 

FOOD CRAVINGS?: Occasionally, candy. Still carbs. Apples and peanut butter. 

ANYTHING MAKING ME QUEASY / SICK?: Nothing really, I don't think. Sometimes people will mention things, and I will have an immediate, "ew, no" reaction though. 

SHOWING YET?: Like I'm 8+ months. Lol. 

GENDER?: Sweet baby girl, Lyla. 

SYMPTOMS / MOODS?: The nausea is gone, but the migraines are still in effect. I think, mostly, my moods have been in check. 

BELLY BUTTON IN or OUT?: In and stretched.

WEDDING RINGS OFF or ON?: On for now.

HAPPY or MOODY MOST OF THE TIME?: Mainly happy. 
A little overwhelmed with being a full-time mama, almost 4.5 months pregnant, Lele's issues, working about 20+ hours a week, trying to find time to work out, budgets, cleaning a small house that gets cluttered sooooo easily (can you say LEGOs?), laundry, making grocery lists + menus for the week... ya know. Life. 

LOOKING FORWARD TO...?: 1. It seems we likely won't be having a California shower, which is sad. It's just that we have so much money to save for our new house, it simply doesn't make sense to spend $600-700 to fly out (with Cooper) at this time. 
We are going to have a Nashville Shower, and I think it's going to be a dual baby shower + housewarming in June with family members flying in... assuming the house stays on track! We're going to start planning soon, once we get an official closing date from the builder. 
2. Parent's visit in 2 weeks! 
3. Meeting Lyla in July!!! 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

16 Weeks with our Avocado

Writing by me, drawing of avo by Eric.
Team work makes the dream work.

 Nearly 16.5 Weeks today. Yes, I am counting halves. You may think it sounds childish... but I don't care. Halves count. 

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Almost exclusively. I wear my PINK Boyfriend Pants a lot, along with yoga pants, but other than that... it's all mama gear. 

STRETCH MARKS?: Not yet... but I am bigger this go around, so I feel (fear?) they will make an appearance. 

SLEEP?: Nope. I can't get comfortable. I fall asleep VERY easily, I just don't stay asleep. 

1. Our early family Valentine's Day celebration on Saturday: Haircuts for the boys, Lego Batman movie, and then a date with my Foo. It was our 10th Valentine's celebration together and I had a blast. 

My babies + me.

2. Seeing baby girl yesterday at my 16 week appointment. Dr. Redden (who is legit the best) let Cooper up on the table with me, and he put the ultrasound wand on my belly to see his sister. She was wiggling, and you could see the love in his eyes. It was my favorite. Lyla was "standing on her head" but she looks healthy. Then Coop got to hold the wand to hear the heartbeat - about 150bpm. 

Head, Spine and Legs straight up.

3. Two playdates with friends. And when I say friends, I mean Cooper friends and mama friends. It was fun! 
4. Got good news re: taxes. Who woulda' thought that woulda' made the list?! Haha.

WORST MOMENT? Luckily, no worst moment. I'd like to sleep, and the migraines aren't fun... but let's be honest, it's all part of being pregnant and it is what it is. Generally speaking, life is good and I feel very lucky. 

MOVEMENT? Not yet. Any day now I could feel what's referred to as "the quickening" -- but so far, Lyla's wiggles have only been seen. 

MISS ANYTHING?: Wine. Especially on Valentine's Day. Eric and I went to Happy Hour before our movie date and he got some drinks - and I got a large cranberry+sprite. It was still very tasty, but I do miss wine. I also miss sushi. Every time we pass Toyama, Cooper mentions he wants to go to the "fire sushi" place... (it has teppanyaki tables, hence the fire). Well, I do too bud. I may let Eric and him have a Dad and son date without me - I'm not strong enough to go, lol. 

FOOD CRAVINGS?: No real "cravings." I still love carbs, but have been sneaking in veggies and salads whenever possible. I also love apples + PB. 

ANYTHING MAKING ME QUEASY / SICK?: Sometimes salad, but I still eat them. Also, avocado isn't doing it for me. 

SHOWING YET?: Very much. 

GENDER?: Sweet baby girl.

SYMPTOMS / MOODS?: Migraines. Right side sciatica pain. Moods are okay. 

BELLY BUTTON IN or OUT?: In and stretched to the max. 

WEDDING RINGS OFF or ON?: On. Snug, but on. 

HAPPY or MOODY MOST OF THE TIME?: Mostly happy. 

LOOKING FORWARD TO...?: Mostly... July. We'll be in our new home, and baby girl will be making her debut. 

Also, March 7 - my parents arrive.  
March 13 - baby girl's big ultrasound. We'll be able to see more of her. 
March 20 - 7 years of marriage to my wonderful husband. Hoping to make a fun day of it! 
Also hoping to make it out to California for a baby shower in April - but we'll see. 

Still just slab... but we should start framing next week! 

Monday, February 6, 2017

15 Weeks & It's A...

We learned about baby... and have some fun news to share!

HOW FAR ALONG?: 15 Weeks. 2nd Trimester in full swing. 

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I've pretty much been wearing them since week 3, when I found out. I still wear yoga pants and t-shirts... but yeah, baby is popping early this time around. 

STRETCH MARKS?: Nah, not yet. 

SLEEP?: Not sleeping great. Potty breaks, and occasional pain on my right side. Doc knows about it. Cooper was also sick, and so I laid in bed with him one tough night... he breathed and coughed all over me... so I'm sick now. Not fun when you can't even take DayQuil. I fear I won't sleep well for about 3+ years.

BEST MOMENT THIS/LAST WEEK?: Two Fridays ago was the greatest. I found out baby's gender and that he/she is healthy so far! Cooper was adorable and thrilled. Eric was, too. Our families were excited and so wonderfully supportive. Last week was rough in terms of health, but a highlight was seeing friends and family for the Super Bowl and making my first Baby K 2 Chalkboards. 

WORST MOMENT? Other than being sick, not much. I mean, I miss my family... but that won't change.  And... I guess just general stress isn't good for the baby, so I am trying to remain calm-ish... but a cross country move, rental issues, health insurance stuff, etc... But you know what... I remain grateful. 

MOVEMENT? Not for a few more weeks. 

MISS ANYTHING?: "Mama's grape juice," family sushi dates, working out for FREE at the community gym... need to join one here pretty soon. And, as mentioned, my fam bam. 

FOOD CRAVINGS?: Used to be bagels with cream cheese. Now... generally, just CARBS. Which is BAD. I need to cut back on those bad boys. Lol. 

ANYTHING MAKING ME QUEASY / SICK?: Not really. Which is nice, since last time around nearly everything made me nauseated. I guess sometimes avocado isn't my favorite, which is weird. 


GENDER PREDICTION? Since I already know, I will just share how people voted:

KK - Boy (July 20) 
Nana - Boy (July 25) 
Kim - Boy (July 27)
Savannah - Boy (July 29) 
Ryan L. - Boy (July 26)
Chad - Boy (July 26)
Erin - Boy (July 30)

Eric - Girl (July 23)
Gigi - Girl (July 22) 
Pop - Girl (July 21) 
Papa - Girl (Aug. 2)
Brian - Girl (July 28) 
Owen - Girl (July 24) 
Ryan (bro) - Girl (no date)
Kaeli - Girl (July 25)
Kara - Girl (July 24) 

Didn't get Tina's guess. These are people that weighed in... family and a few friends. 

SYMPTOMS / MOODS?: Migraines have begun. I got Tylenol and Coca-Cola to sip if they start, but those don't always help. Tummy stretches and gets full easily, which is uncomfortable. I *think* my moods have mostly been in check. Ask Eric. ;) 

BELLY BUTTON IN or OUT?: In and huge.


HAPPY or MOODY MOST OF THE TIME?: Mostly HAPPY! Occasionally stressed. 

LOOKING FORWARD TO...?: Next appointment is February 15th. Then my folks come to visit in March to see the progress on the home we're building and see Baby's ultrasound. That will be so much fun. I am also excited to get into our new home. Our rental has had a few issues, and I can't wait to have a home of our own again. 

So onto the GENDER NEWS....

I did blood work at my last appointment, and got the results last Friday. Eric and I are thrilled to announce Cooper will be getting a little sister... It's a GIRL! 

Baby Girl is due to bring us immeasurable joy around July 31st... hopefully a few days early, like her big brother.

Red M&M's filled cupcakes.
Similar to the CakePop-stuffed Cookies we made for Cooper.
Lyla is just a name that we love. We had other options, but this was the winner.
Jaks has a special meaning... each letter (J-A-K-S) is the first letter of Eric's and my parent's respective last names. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Catching Up

This one will be quick, because life is crazy and the day just seems to disappear. 

  • We loved living in California, namely because of being near family, Eric enjoyed his job, I got a good job, and Cooper and I could be near Hollywood to audition.
  • California is expensive, and we wanted to buy a home. 
  • After much thought and many tough talks... we decided to move to either Nashville (again), Texas or Arizona. 
  • Nashville won.
  • Eric got a GREAT job. (They flew him out for an intense interview, and he got it!) 
  • We found out we are pregnant. (!!!) 
  • We bought a new construction home in Franklin, but will rent in Nashville until it's done.
  • Christmas in Arizona with family. (Best time: Polar Express, parks, golf, food, family!) 
  • We packed up and moved... again. 
  • Landed back in Nashville in 2017. 
  • Gigi flew with Coop a few days after Eric and I arrived. 
  • It snowed.
  • After that cold snap... it's been lovely and relatively warm.
With Daddo, making a snowman... a little one.
Gigi is cold...
Cheese... Cutie.
Us, behind our new home, which backs up to the Harpeth River.

So, we're back... and dare I say, happy about it. Sure, I miss California... but not so much that I am letting it affect my time and life here. Nashville is a great place to be, so we're getting settled and soaking it all in. 

Next up... news on Baby K #2! 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Eric's Birthday Surprise

Well friends, I did it. I actually pulled it off and surprised my sweet husband for his birthday!

Shortly after the New Year began, Eric and I were talking about how we'd like to visit Nashville once or twice a year. We left behind some incredible friends, and the city is generally just an awesome place. It didn't take long to decide what I wanted to get Eric for his 33rd birthday: A surprise trip back to Nashville. I booked our flights, hotel and car back in January, let our friends know we were coming, asked my folks to babysit the cutest little boy around, planned fake events in Orange County so Eric wouldn't suspect we were leaving, and slowly pieced together a very fun trip for the best man I know.

Wednesday, May 4th:
It was only my 3rd day at my new job, so I dropped Cooper off at daycare, worked until 1:30 PM and waited for my parents to arrive at our house. We ran a few errands, and when Eric got home, we went to dinner with our friends to El Adobe. At this point, I don't think he knew anything. We slept on the aerobed that night (poorly, I might add), and Eric went to bed thinking he would have to go to work the following morning. (He also thought he had a playing lesson with his golf teacher during his lunch break, that he was playing a round with my Dad on Saturday, and a few other *fake* things, again, just to throw him off.) His boss at work, his golf teacher... pretty much everyone was in on this.

Thursday, May 5th:
After a night of little to no sleep, Cooper came downstairs chipper and ready to play at 6:30 AM. My folks, Coop, Eric, and I sat around and chatted / played for a bit, but I was about to burst and couldn't wait any longer. I had Cooper hand a gift to his Dadoo, saying that it was time sensitive so it was okay he was opening it a week early. He read Coop's card, and opened a darling luggage tag "Coop" made for him on Shutterfly.

Then I handed him my card (also made on Shutterfly)...

... and a piece of paper rolled up. He thought it was just our Dodger / Mets tickets for May 12th, but when he unrolled it, this is what he read:

He was highly confused, and his exhaustion didn't help. I told him I already packed our suitcase; all he had to do was get ready and we were off to celebrate! I didn't tell him where yet, though. After 2 hours of getting ready (I gave him a new Travis Mathew outfit for the trip) and playing with Cooper, we took off to... SAN DIEGO... where he thought we were staying. The fact that the Mets were playing the Padres and his favorite breweries are there really helped sell it.

We hit up his favorite brewery for lunch...

...and I acted as if we were headed to the next brewery... but as we drove past airport parking, he said, "Wouldn't it be funny if like... we were getting on an airplane today?" Perfect timing. So I said, "We are! We're going to Nashville!" He said the only thing that would have shocked him more, is if I had said I wanted a divorce... lol. (Side note: I *super* don't.) We parked our car and took off for Nashville.


We landed, got our lovely puke yellow color rental, went to Edley's for dinner...

...and checked into our hotel, The Hutton. Somehow we got the top floor, corner room, overlooking downtown Nashville. It was stunningly beautiful.

Friday, May 6th:
We woke up, and I handed Eric another gift (2 golf outfits, and a bathing suit). Then we headed to The Factory in Franklin where we met with our old marriage counselor and friend, Dr. Ramon Presson. He's such a good man, and also, hilarious. We shared 5 Daughters Doughnuts, Honest Coffee, and good stories.

On our way to our next stop, we drove by our old house and reminisced. It looked exactly the same, and I think we both missed it a little bit.

We drove to our buddy Ryan's songwriting office and dropped off a doughnut, then went to Eric's old company, Raven, for lunch with his old co-workers. It seemed like he had a great time, and it was so nice of them to have us.

After that, we headed to The Hermitage where Eric had a playing lesson with his old golf teacher. (I ran to Opry Mills while he played.) I picked him up, and we headed back to The Hutton for a little R&R before the night's events began. (I packed this day full!) That night, we went to the Nashville Sounds game with our friends, and while I didn't feel 100%, it was a lot of fun. After the game, we watched fireworks, and headed to The Flying Saucer for a bit to chat more with our buddies.

Saturday, May 7th: 
Note to self: Don't make a tee time for 7:50 AM when you're on vacation. Lesson learned. Haha!

Our balls nearly touched on one of the holes. 
I got a 41 :), and Eric got a legit 41. Haha! 
But it was very fun, and we weren't too tired to enjoy ourselves. The coffees from Star Bagel certainly helped. It also helped that the weather was incredible. We played 9 holes together at McCabe Golf Course, and I'm pleased to say that I actually had a lot of fun! I told Eric, "Oh man... I think I have to buy clubs now." After our round, we drove to our favorite jewelry store to get our wedding rings (etc.) cleaned. Eric also mentioned he wanted to take me around Aliso Viejo for Mother's Day to pick out a new jewelry store... but since we were there, he bought me my Mother's Day gift at Genesis Diamonds. Isn't it gorgeous?

Then we headed to the hotel to get ready for the day. We met our friends JJ and Kristina at Hattie B's and took our lunch to Centennial Park for a nice picnic.

There happened to be a craft fair so we wandered around for a little. Then we went to East Nash for a stop, and then walked around West End. It was a lovely afternoon. After we rested a bit at our hotel (and after grabbing a drink at the hotel bar)...

...we got ready for an awesome meal with our awesome-r friends at 5th & Taylor in Germantown. The food was great, but the company was better.

Some of us headed to South Street for a drink before calling it a night, and then we Uber'ed back to The Hutton.

Sunday, May 8th:
Typically on a vacation sans kiddo you sleep in, right? Not us. Haha! I packed our trip FULL. We went to our old church, Crosspoint, for a great Mother's Day service where I may or may not have cried for most of the sermon...

...and then grabbed a delish breakfast at Red Bicycle with our buddies Ryan and Kaeli (poor Ryan was sick most of our visit). Hate saying goodbye to best friends.

Then we met our friend Paul (a random, awesome surprise) in the cell phone lot of the airport. It just so happened that he needed to go to the airport to get his car, so we got a chance to say hey to him.

I'm so, so glad we got to see MOST of our best friends while we were there, and we'll catch everyone else on our next trip out! After returning the rental, we headed to the gate, boarded the plan... and now, here I am. Reminiscing about an incredibly fun trip... I can't believe I pulled it off. I can't believe it's over. Now onto the next trip... 

Shout-out to Southwest for Coop's awesome note! When we landed... we headed to Mahe to meet my folks and Cooper, and had an amazing dinner, celebrating Eric, and Gigi and me for Mother's Day! It was fun, and delish!

(Side note: I couldn't wait to land and squeeze our little man, Cooper Nash! We FaceTimed a lot, but I wanted hugs and kisses and snuggles and giggles and... everything.)

Now, today... May 12th... I would like to say happy, happiest birthday wishes to you, my sweet, handsome Foo! I hope you had fun on our trip, this week, and tonight at the Dodgers / Mets game, and I hope you realize just how loved you are by everyone... especially by me.