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26 Weeks, Kale Yes!

HOW FAR ALONG?: 26 weeks... which is about 6 months. Only 14 weeks to go! 

STRETCH MARKS?: I don't know. I refuse to look. 
SLEEP?: I wake up every time I have to go to the bathroom, any time I need to roll from one side to another, or from my back to a side... which is a lot. I am up about 5-7 times a night. 
BEST MOMENT THIS/LAST WEEK?: We saw our friends a lot this past week (dinner at JJ and Kristina's place on Wednesday, dinner out with the Goddard crew on Friday night, and family dinner with the Laffs on Sunday). 

We saw the house... and more progress was made! Even though we cannot close in May (they can only do 6 a month, and they already scheduled those), I feel like it'll be ready.

Cooper got to pick a treat for getting 20+ stars on his "I Can Do It" chart, and he picked a sleepover in our bed. It went better than expected, and I loved snuggling and loving my kiddo. 

WORST MOMENT?: Dizzy spells, pain, stress, things... I am hop…

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