30 Down, 10 To Go with our Zucchini

30 Down... 10 (or so) To Go!

HOW FAR ALONG?: I am officially over 30 weeks. Baby girl is really poppin. 

SLEEP?: I am up a lot. It is what it is. 

BEST MOMENT THIS/LAST WEEK?: I can't remember. Ha. It was mostly a good week... we had a nice, relaxing weekend, saw the in-laws, played with Cooper, saw the house, church, library, etc... it was just a nice week.

Getting there. Slowly, but surely.

Summer ready...
(excuse the mess... we're getting ready to move so it's... chaotic in here.)

Check out 16TN.org and get some of this amazing coffee. 

WORST MOMENT?: No "worst" moment, but both Eric and I had to go to the doctor.
I saw a cardiologist (I have a slight case of sinus tachycardia, where my resting heart rate is about 106. Should be about 60-100. Says it's likely physiological, and will probably change after Lyla is born. I could wear a monitor for a week, but I opted to deal with it unless it gets worse. He said I just need to rest more frequently. I can still go to the gym, but I, "need to be intelligent about it.")
Eric went to an Urgent Care (because we couldn't get in to see a PCP until MID-OCTOBER, don't get me started) because he's been having a hard time breathing. He's in good health, but now on a steroid and using an inhaler. I hope it helps. Neither of us are sleeping or breathing that well.

Hoping that we can both catch our breath a little better... before our little girl takes it away when she's born. Her and her big brother, Cooper. Ah! I can't wait. 

MOVEMENT?: She moves a lot but it is getting cramped in there. 

MISS ANYTHING?: Yes. You know. 

FOOD CRAVINGS?: All the things. Until I eat all the things. Then I get full. So. Easily. 

ANYTHING MAKING ME QUEASY / SICK?: Not queasy or sick, per se. But sometimes things sound not so great. Like guacamole, yet avocados are okay. Bizarre. 

SYMPTOMS / MOODS?: Tight belly, waddling, swollen ankles, hard to breathe and move. Moods have been in check, I'd say. Just generally uncomfortable. And huge. So that's fun.

LABOR SIGNS?: Just Braxton Hicks. Sometimes I have to breathe through them... which is surprising. But I know it's not the "real thing" yet.

BELLY BUTTON IN or OUT?: Getting pretty flat. 

WEDDING RINGS OFF or ON?: Still on. Very snug. 

HAPPY or MOODY MOST OF THE TIME?: Mostly very happy. Life is so good. But it's busy, that's for sure. So I am trying to find balance.  

LOOKING FORWARD TO...?: June 16th (closing). June 24th (housewarming/sprinkle). Whenever Lyla graces us with her presence. Every day with my boys. When my folks arrive in June and July. Everything.


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