25 Weeks + Our 2 Lb. Cauliflower

25 Weeks, and 15 to go! Keep growing, baby girl.

HOW FAR ALONG?:  25 Weeks... which means 15 (or less) to go! I. can. not. wait.  

MATERNITY CLOTHES: For.Ever. That's what it feels like anyway. I am beginning to feel like I won't even fit into my maternity clothes much longer. Not an awesome feeling, tbh. 

STRETCH MARKS?: Refuse to look on behind. Not yet on belly. 

SLEEP?: Not great. I fall asleep quickly, but am up about 5-8 times a night. 

BEST MOMENT THIS/LAST WEEK?: Well, obviously seeing baby Lyla was super fun. I had an appointment last Thursday with a follow up ultrasound, and my glucose test. She let us see her a bit more than last time, but was still a bit of a stinker (kept hiding her face with her hands). She was, as of last Thursday, 1 pound and 10 ounces... so she's probably close to 2 pounds today! I also found out today that I passed the glucose test! Woo!

Lyla Jaks, 4/13/17.

Easter with our Coop kiddo was also awesome. He woke up bright and early, and couldn't wait to see what the bunny had brought him. Church was (packed and) good, and we saw some more progress on the house.

Our sweet boy, discovering his Easter Basket. He LOVED it!

Details. Tiles are in, and our backyard.

Looking good.

This sweet kid, by the Harpeth River.

Cuddling on the couch.

Golf Lesson with Coach Gaylon. 

WORST MOMENT?: Wouldn't you know it... I got sick again. 4th time this pregnancy. Fever, aches, throwing up and more. Yesterday was a stinker of a day... but Cooper was amazing, and took care of his mama. That boy... he has my heart. 

MOVEMENT?: Oh yes, miss Lyla is very active. I took a soak in the tub yesterday and could see my belly pop here and there. 

MISS ANYTHING?: All the things. 

FOOD CRAVINGS?: Well, assuming they don't get me sick: carbs, mint and chip ice cream, and Smoothie King smoothies. 

ANYTHING MAKING ME QUEASY / SICK?: Just being sick. Super awesome. 

GENDER?: Sweet baby girl, Lyla Jaks. 

SYMPTOMS / MOODS?: I've been a little more moody this past week. I think feeling crummy has really given me a run for my money. I am trying to stay happy -- really, I am! 

BELLY BUTTON IN or OUT?: In, stretched wiiiiide. 

WEDDING RINGS OFF or ON?: On, but they'll be off when it gets warmer... my hands and feet are SWELLING badly. 

HAPPY or MOODY MOST OF THE TIME?: Is this question repetitive of 3 above? Anyway, mostly happy, but I've been a bit more moody lately. 

LOOKING FORWARD TO...?: Getting the loan paperwork started (and done) ASAP since we're less than 60 days to close. Moving in. Having family here. Making our house a home. Decorating. Having a housewarming party + baby sprinkle. Meeting Lyla. Having her meet her brother for the first time, with their Dad by my side, will surely be the best moment of my entire life. 


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