37 + Lettuce Again?

I feel like we've done lettuce before...??? Nevertheless... 37 Weeks! 

 37 Weeks. Full (early) term.

And I learned that they don't want to let her go past 39 weeks since she's already so big. So... any day now. 

SLEEP?: This question just makes me sad, y'all. I'm not going to lie. Sleep is one thing that I need and I am just not getting. I cannot get comfortable. My sweet husband even bought me a new, fluffier body pillow and it's not helping. I'm hot, huge, achy, hurt, etc. Blah. It's okay. 

BEST MOMENT THIS/LAST WEEK?: We had a nice, mellow 4th of July with our best friends, Ryan and Kaeli (and Ryan's little brother). Kaeli brought sparklers and - a firework - that may or may not have shot sideways onto our neighbor's roof. Lol.

We also had our friends JJ and Kristina over this past weekend. They're too sweet, and even though I wasn't feeling 100%, it was nice to have them here and provided me an awesome distraction.

Our neighborhood block/pool party was postponed from the weekend of the 4th, to the 8th... it was fun and we met 2 nice ladies.

I also saw (not so) little miss Lyla. The doctor wanted an ultrasound to see how big she's getting, and big she is. She was already measuring 7 pounds and 8 ounces on July 6th, and babies grow 0.5-1 lb every week in the last month. Wow! Her tummy is measuring about 39+ weeks, and her head is also big, with hair. Excellent. When I reviewed the results with the doctor, she looked over Cooper's birth notes and was concerned about big babies not only because of weight, but also, when he was born, his shoulders got stuck. It was "traumatic" so we're setting induction a week early (around 7/24) - unless she decides to come sooner. She's also already practicing breathing, and her heart and lungs look healthy! Woohoo! Any day, babes.

OH! And I got a prenatal massage (and am getting one again today) from Mamassage!!! Best. Thing. Ever. Was so relaxed. Can't wait for 4:30. Ahh!

Happy 4th!

A little cornhole and baseball. 

Mama and son play day.

Neighborhood Party

Neighborhood Party

Batman came with us to church, and we got him a little treat for being the best! 

WORST MOMENT?: Just generally feeling garbage-y.  

MOVEMENT?: There's less room in there, but yes, I feel her (and see her) moving a bunch. 


FOOD CRAVINGS?: Nothing. But I still eat a lot. But I am so at capacity it's not even funny. 

ANYTHING MAKING ME QUEASY / SICK?: Being pregnant. ;) 
SYMPTOMS / MOODS?: I feel more even-keeled this week, but I know I am energy-less and tired all. the. time. Symptoms are just tired, waddling, swelling, hip pain. 


BELLY BUTTON IN or OUT?: Stretched flat. 

WEDDING RINGS OFF or ON?: Still on, which shocks me frankly. It's so muggy and hot... and I am swollen. It does take effort to get them off and on, but... on. 

HAPPY or MOODY MOST OF THE TIME?: Happy. Life is good. But... ready. So so ready. 

LOOKING FORWARD TO...?: Same as last week, and the week before! 
  • Gigi arrives TOMORROW.
  • Nana and Papa come back to Tennessee Friday.
  • Pop arrives in late July (so he'll miss the birth, but will help once he arrives).
  • Continuing unpacking and getting organized - my to do list grows, even though I continually cross things off.
  • Arrival of baby Lyla. 
  • Life as a family of 4.
  • and so much more!


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