15 Weeks & It's A...

We learned about baby... and have some fun news to share!

HOW FAR ALONG?: 15 Weeks. 2nd Trimester in full swing. 

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I've pretty much been wearing them since week 3, when I found out. I still wear yoga pants and t-shirts... but yeah, baby is popping early this time around. 

STRETCH MARKS?: Nah, not yet. 

SLEEP?: Not sleeping great. Potty breaks, and occasional pain on my right side. Doc knows about it. Cooper was also sick, and so I laid in bed with him one tough night... he breathed and coughed all over me... so I'm sick now. Not fun when you can't even take DayQuil. I fear I won't sleep well for about 3+ years.

BEST MOMENT THIS/LAST WEEK?: Two Fridays ago was the greatest. I found out baby's gender and that he/she is healthy so far! Cooper was adorable and thrilled. Eric was, too. Our families were excited and so wonderfully supportive. Last week was rough in terms of health, but a highlight was seeing friends and family for the Super Bowl and making my first Baby K 2 Chalkboards. 

WORST MOMENT? Other than being sick, not much. I mean, I miss my family... but that won't change.  And... I guess just general stress isn't good for the baby, so I am trying to remain calm-ish... but a cross country move, rental issues, health insurance stuff, etc... But you know what... I remain grateful. 

MOVEMENT? Not for a few more weeks. 

MISS ANYTHING?: "Mama's grape juice," family sushi dates, working out for FREE at the community gym... need to join one here pretty soon. And, as mentioned, my fam bam. 

FOOD CRAVINGS?: Used to be bagels with cream cheese. Now... generally, just CARBS. Which is BAD. I need to cut back on those bad boys. Lol. 

ANYTHING MAKING ME QUEASY / SICK?: Not really. Which is nice, since last time around nearly everything made me nauseated. I guess sometimes avocado isn't my favorite, which is weird. 


GENDER PREDICTION? Since I already know, I will just share how people voted:

KK - Boy (July 20) 
Nana - Boy (July 25) 
Kim - Boy (July 27)
Savannah - Boy (July 29) 
Ryan L. - Boy (July 26)
Chad - Boy (July 26)
Erin - Boy (July 30)

Eric - Girl (July 23)
Gigi - Girl (July 22) 
Pop - Girl (July 21) 
Papa - Girl (Aug. 2)
Brian - Girl (July 28) 
Owen - Girl (July 24) 
Ryan (bro) - Girl (no date)
Kaeli - Girl (July 25)
Kara - Girl (July 24) 

Didn't get Tina's guess. These are people that weighed in... family and a few friends. 

SYMPTOMS / MOODS?: Migraines have begun. I got Tylenol and Coca-Cola to sip if they start, but those don't always help. Tummy stretches and gets full easily, which is uncomfortable. I *think* my moods have mostly been in check. Ask Eric. ;) 

BELLY BUTTON IN or OUT?: In and huge.


HAPPY or MOODY MOST OF THE TIME?: Mostly HAPPY! Occasionally stressed. 

LOOKING FORWARD TO...?: Next appointment is February 15th. Then my folks come to visit in March to see the progress on the home we're building and see Baby's ultrasound. That will be so much fun. I am also excited to get into our new home. Our rental has had a few issues, and I can't wait to have a home of our own again. 

So onto the GENDER NEWS....

I did blood work at my last appointment, and got the results last Friday. Eric and I are thrilled to announce Cooper will be getting a little sister... It's a GIRL! 

Baby Girl is due to bring us immeasurable joy around July 31st... hopefully a few days early, like her big brother.

Red M&M's filled cupcakes.
Similar to the CakePop-stuffed Cookies we made for Cooper.
Lyla is just a name that we love. We had other options, but this was the winner.
Jaks has a special meaning... each letter (J-A-K-S) is the first letter of Eric's and my parent's respective last names. 


Diane said…
So happy for you, Eric, and Cooper!! Try to get rest!

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