A Personal Journey: Lights, Camera, Take Action

As many of you know, in 2013 I made the decision to follow and try again to reach my forever-dream of being an actress. I decided to take action instead of just wishing it could happen, and and hopeful for what lies ahead. (And yes, I am still singing, too.)

I got reinstated in SAG / AFTRA. I'm officially a profesh actor, kids.
I got myself a highly recommended agent. She accepted Cooper Nash as talent as well - he's just too cute to not share with the world. I think she's awesome, and have big plans for us this year!
I booked the first audition I attended: Cooper and I will be very minorly featured in an upcoming Bubba Sparxx / Rodney Atkins music video called "Right." Not bad for my first audition back in the scene.
I have been to 2 additional auditions thus far, which I did not get. I was bummed but it's all part of it.
I had some pictures taken by a seriously awesome photographer (and make-up by a very talented chick) for an updated headshot and misc. photos (and will be doing a re-shoot because I am far too hard on myself, but can't wait to take and see them).

So while I don't have New Year Resolutions, per se, I do have goals.

In 2014 I will... 

  1. Stop being so hard on myself. I am who I am, and I need to take pride in that.
  2. On that note: Work out, eat right, make healthy decisions, take care of myself, etc. 
  3. Book a regional and national gig. ::Fingers crossed::
  4. Be an excellent wife and mother. 
  5. See family as often as possible.
  6. Save up:  For our future, for emergencies, and for some fun (vacations, and other things that are 'spensive).  
Then, from there, sky's the limit...Right? 

What are your goals, and how are you taking action? 


stephanie said…
You go girl!

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